The School

The school was established on the 5th January 1985 by Mr. M.R Abdi. The purpose of DON BOSCO SCHOOL is to provide education to children of all sections of society.

DON BOSCO SCHOOL, DARBHANGA (Affiliated to C.B.S.E New Delhi, 10+2 Affiliation No:-330304) is a co-educational English Medium School. It is situated at Bibi Pakar, Darbhanga which is in the centre of the city away from bust traffic. It has a magnificent complex and offers a friendly and serene atmosphere . The school was founded by Mr. M.R Abdi, in the year 1985 (05/01/1958). The Don Bosco School is to provide education to the children of all section of society. It is run and managed by M.R ABDI Educational and Social Welfare Society Darbhanga. This society is registered under societies registration act 21, 1860 Registration No.-702/05. The objective of the school is to mold the students into a worthy citizens to develop their educational, intellectual and physical

  • Philosophy & Inspiration
  • Team Management and Cultural Enterprise
  • Transportation Facility

The aim of the institution is a impart quality education to the children at reasonable cost and provide facilities for the over all personality development of the pupils. The sole motto of ours is character, caliber and career formation. It manages to provide equality and strictly avoids any kind of discrimination on the basis of caste or creed.

School Autonomy

The management reserves the right to add /alter/amend or cancel any of the rules in the prospectus at any time as per need and the situation at its discretion which shall be binding on parents / guardians.

The Principal may at any time and without assigning reasons may ask a parent to with draw his/her wards.